If you want to use PurgeCSS with WordPress, you might need to safelist classes generated by WordPress to avoid them being removed by PurgeCSS. purgecss-with-wordpress contains the classes needed to be safelisted.


You need to install purgecssopen in new window first.

Install purgecss-with-wordpress:

npm i --save-dev purgecss-with-wordpress


import Purgecss from 'purgecss'
import purgecssWordpress from 'purgecss-with-wordpress'

const purgeCss = new Purgecss({
  content: ['**/*.html'],
  css: ['**/*.css'],
  safelist: purgecssWordpress.safelist
const result = purgecss.purge()



If you have additional classes you want to include, you can include them using the spread operator:

  safelist: [